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Confessions of a Mascara Junkie #2

BeneFit Cosmetics: They’re Real

Drum roll please! What we have here is a grade A mascara!
This mascara has an excellent wand, formula, and smooth application process.

The down low:
No clumps, lengthens, thickens, and gives you that fake lash feel. Looks fabulous on and applies like a dream corner to corner.

This mascara is perfect for everyday use and even better for a night out, as it is dark and smoky (because you can reach every lash right down to the root) and layer it smoothly.

Average rating: 3.5/5 according to

Highly recommend. Go out and give this a try!

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Summer Manicure and Pedicure Color Guide

Now that June has come and kick started summer, it’s time to revamp our nail color routine into something more this season.

If any of you are anything like me, you get lost in a sea of your own polishes when thinking about pairing two colors for the summer or selecting a color bright enough for the season and pretty enough to be fashionable.

Personally, I am a September-December colors kind of girl, but life doesn’t stop for anyone and I’ve got to keep these nails in check.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect colors for your toes and hands this summer:


Consider going dark. Deep navy blue, a beautiful dark tan or chocolate brown, or (my personal summer favorite) deep purple. Stay away from winter and fall shades like black and dark red. Keep your polish nice n’ glossy by applying top coat every other day and again after each beach trip. If you are trying a dark look on your toes this summer, be sure to keep nails trimmed short in order to avoid a messy look. 

If you prefer to keep your hands and toes light this season, consider pale polish on your toes and correspond with your fingers.


First things first. Keep nails hydrated in the summer! There is no way quicker to a messy, ungroomed look than having dry nail beds. Keep a bottle of cuticle oil in your bag to use every other day at the least. Hydrated nail beds will keep your entire manicure looking fresh and amazing for an extended period of time. Moisturized hands and nails make for a happy woman. 

If going dark on the toes, make sure not to clash with any strong color on the hands. Try a pale pink, nude, or other clean shade.

If you’re going light all around, experiment with all your favorite summer shades! Just make it light on the toes.

Here are some of my favorite toe/hand combinations:

  • Deep purple on the toes, buff nude on the hands
  • Pale pink on the toes, coral on the hands
  • Pale lilac or pale blue on the toes, bright lilac or bright baby blue on the hands
  • Clean nude on the toes, pop of yellow on the hands

Remember everyone, staying hydrated isn’t just for your body. Also, don’t forget to keep those nails trimmed! 

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Confessions of a Mascara Junkie #1

Hello faithful readers, today I am introducing a new section of CULTURECREATOR: weekly mascara reviews.

It is true, I have tried out my fair share of mascaras in my day, being “that” girl who started wearing makeup in the sixth grade. With this, I will bring to you, my faithful readers, mascara reviews from the #1 mascara junkie in town. Me.

#1: Great Lash by Maybelline

What kind of woman would I be if this were not the first mascara I reviewed?

Curl: 3/10 (not so good)

Length: 2/10 (run!)

Pigmentation: 6/10 (average)

Average Rating: 2.1 stars out of 5 via

In my generation, this was everyone’s first mascara. Go ahead. try and guess my age. Nonetheless, it is awful. In the world of mascaras, it does absolutely nothing for one’s lashes.

The formula is wet (you all know how i feel about that) and is not easy to work with. For a natural look, you could possibly use this; but beware short or straight lashed ladies, this will be a nightmare for you as it does not hold a curl or lengthen whatsoever.

Overall, I wish i could say more about this legendary mascara. For ladies who look for a one coat, simple no fuss mascara (please don’t raise your hand. You owe your lashes more than that) this is for you. 

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New Products Spotlight

L’oreal Paris Mousse Absolue permanent hair dye

After 10 years of developing this product, it is finally here

What it is: Permanent hair color that comes with no mixing, and application as easy as shampoo’s. No drip whipped formula, AND the best part: you can save the leftovers in the container for up to a year and use it again!

Average rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 according to

Inside this little baby are two chambers, one carrying pigment and the other developer. When you press the nozzle, an already mixed up whip comes out ready to apply. 

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